Cognitive Forge
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
October/November 2017

Steam (in 2018)
Itch.IO (soft release)


Regular Price:

$10 USD


Aura of Worlds is a creative strategy rogue-lite platformer. It has a strong focus on exploration, improvisation and manipulating the environment to your advantage. You survive through utililizing your wits, reflexes and creative abilities.


Work started on this project back in 2013 and has undergone constant refinement from developer meetups and public playtesting events. For example we've demonstrated at IGDA Melbourne, the Freeplay Festival, PAX (2015/2016) and Mini Pax 2016. We were greenlit shortly after launching the campaign in 2016. Our plans are to finally release in early access in October/November


  • Over 60 unique enemies and traps and 8+ randomized level themes. Such include tidal corridors filled with mines, rising lava, caverns lined with toxic and carnvirous plants...
  • A plethora of creative abilities ranging from parkhour to cloaking to warping time itself!
  • Every object has multiple uses E.g. you can grab that lantern from the ceiling, and carry it around to use as a portable light source or improvised flaming molotov...
  • Hand crafted pixel art and animations by Jessica Turner and Lachlan Cartland
  • Custom sound/music by Mat Dwyer and Amanda J. Lim
  • Each situation is intended to be challenging but solvable with planning and agility. For example there is a laser force field trap in front of you. Do you throw an enemy into it? Blow up the conduit with a grenade? Blink through it? Cloak yourself to pass through undetected?
  • There are a multitude of mechanics such as cones of visions for enemies, turret hacking, grab and throw almost everything, mouse aiming, 2d spherical lighting and terraforming...

Previous Trailers

Here's some footage from 2016 (already Greenlit): YouTube

Highlighted Let's Plays

Early Access Review by The Game Turtle: YouTube

Rogueliker (video 4 in the series for Aura): YouTube

First impressions playthrough by RetroSpexx: YouTube

Let's play by PixelSift: YouTube

First impressions playthrough by Vynxar: YouTube

Livestream by MjFenners: YouTube

First impressions playthrough by vladimirledeux : On Twitch

First impressions playthrough by MjFenners (First area): YouTube

Let's play by Axel the Mighty: On Twitch




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About Cognitive Forge

Formed at the conclusion of 2011, Cognitive Forge is a small, independent software studio based in Victoria, Australia. As fellow gamers, we go by what's unique and fun to play, using our small-scale to become agile in delivering unique experiences that challenge the way you think.We constantly strive to deliver unique experiences with a focus on complex mechanical depth and obsessive polish.

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Aura of Worlds Credits

Anthony Liew
Project Manager, Programmer and Marketer

Lachlan Cartland
Pixel Artist, Freelancer

Jessica Turner
Pixel Artist, Freelancer

Amanda J. Lim
Musician, Freelancer

Petra Dee
PR Assistant

Full Credits
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